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ce relations is testimony that ancient civilizations are capable of dynamic, mutually beneficial cooperation in modern times.China and Greece have both been through trials and tribulations in history. T

his nurtures in our people a great resilienc▓e and a determination to strive forward. Today, China and Greece have both reached a new stage of developm▓ent, which presents a golden opportunity for expanding our ties. During my visit, I hope to work with your leaders to map out a brighter future for our relations.We need to raise the strategic level o

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ding and trust, and render further support for each other's core interest▓s and major concerns. This will make us strategi▓c partners engaged in all-round cooperation.We need to improve all areas of our practical cooperation 

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with concrete efforts, broaden cooperation areas and upscale our investment ties with the P▓ort of Piraeus as a flagship project. Ch